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The beautiful undercover Angels pose in 1970s fashions with iconic hairstyles on a mission from the famed 1970s television series, Charlies Angels. rnOnce upon a time, there were three little girls? If you grew up in the 1970s, chances are you fell in love with these three fabulous females: Jill Munroe, Sabrina Duncan, and Kelly Garrett on a little show called Charlies Angels. Now, these three iconic characters are re-created as crime-fighting Kelly dolls. Wearing stylish 70s ensembles (jumpsuits and bold buckle belts) and sporting oh-so-fab feathered hair, these adorable dolls will ?karate chop? their way into your heart!
Charlies Angels Kelly Giftset
Does your wedding party include an adorable flower girl and a handsome ring bearer. Available exclusively at Davids Bridal, the Perfect Pair Tommy doll and Kelly doll gift set commemorates their important role in your special day! Tommy doll safeguards the rings on a tiny pillow, while satin-clad Kelly doll stands ready to toss rose petals at your feet. A charming memento of the perfect wedding yours!
Davids Bridal Perfect Pair
Kelly doll and friends are wearing traditional dress from three wonderful countries in Europe. Each adorable small doll represents one of three countries with their own unique flavor. There is a doll from Germany, famous for its many castles and the Black Forest; a doll from France, known for the Eiffel Tower and fabulous cuisine; and one from Ireland, land of the leprechaun.?
Dolls of the World Kelly and Tommy Dolls
Tommy doll looks adorable, playing dress up in classic outfits made famous by Elvis Presley. The first Tommy doll wears a golden suit with a holographic foil dot  pants. The doll also wears a silvery shirt with silvery ruffles and collar and a golden ribbon bowtie. His shoes are golden, too! Elvis Presley wore this outfit at the 1957 concert in Toronto. The second outfit is the Elvis Eagle jumpsuit. Tommy doll wears a white jumpsuit with golden detailing and red scarf along with a white belt with a golden eagle on the buckle. His hair is styled in the famous Elvis pompadour. The third outfit is based on Jailhouse Rock, the movie from 1957. Tommy doll wears a black jacket & pants with top stitch and matching buttons. The striped shirt matches the suit. So cute!
ELVIS Tommy Dolls
Barbie is pretty in her costume. A Tiger print dress with black fur at the collar, sleeves and hem. She's wearing black lights, a cute headband with ears and a tail complete her Tiger look. Kelly is in a tiger suit complete with white paws and tail. A headband with ears rest on her head. In her hand is a purple Trick or Treat bag.
Halloween Fun Barbie and Kelly Set
Hansel and Gretel look positively enchanting in their German-inspired outfits. Hansel wears brown lederhosen and a checked shirt. A matching brown hat with red trim and feather, and adorable black shoes with yellow socks complete his ensemble. Gretel wears a red floral print dress with white sleeves and attached apron. A matching red floral scarf with lace trim, blue tights and black shoes complement her look, as do her blonde braids with red hair bows. A charming bread basket and bread accompany the siblings, as described in this beloved childhood story.
Hansel and Gretel Kelly and Tommy Giftset
Barbie is wearing a white sweatshirt with an orange pumpkin and black cat on the front all ready to take little Kelly Trick or Treating! Kelly is all dressed up as a cute pumpkin carrying her little trick or treat pumpkin bag. This is an adorable giftset.
Happy Halloween Barbie and Kelly Giftset
Everybody loves Lucy! In the Lucy Is Envious episode, Lucy and Ethel need to make some serious money. They take jobs promoting a movie called Women From Mars and find themselves dressed as Martians invading the observation deck of the Empire State Building! Dolls only.
I Love Lucy Women from Mars Kelly Giftset
Kelly & Tommy Soccer Set
Kelly and Tommy dolls salute Disneys wonderful animated movie, Alice in Wonderland, dressed as Alice and the Mad Hatter. Kelly doll wears a darling dress with apron, stockings, shoes, and hair ribbon. Tommy doll wears a charming jacket, vest, pants, bow tie, socks, hat AND shoes. Includes teapot, and teacup.
Kelly and Tommy Alice in Wonderland Giftset
Travel back in time to Bedrock with the Flintstones! Kelly doll is the spitting image of Pebbles Flintstone, complete with ponytail on top of her head (accented with a dinosaur bone), animal print top and purple shorts, and the sweetest expression. Tommy as Bamm-Bamm comes with a club and animal print hat and shorts. The packaging is super cute, including a cutout of Dino in the background and a light blue furry rug on the floor. -very hard to find-
Kelly and Tommy as Pebbles and Bamm Bamm Flinstone Giftset
This darling giftset features all four of the classic Wizard of Oz characters. Dorothy wears her light blue gingham skirt over a white shirt with light blue trim. She come with her famous red slippers and carries Toto in a basket-colored face and a silvery outfit that includes shoes and a cap that is topped with a silvery oil funnel. Scarecrow wears a green jacket with a faux burlap collar, brown pants with patches, and a black scarecrow hat with green band. (very hard to find)
Kelly and Tommy Wizard of Oz Giftset
Based on the classic movie, Wizard of Oz, this giftset features Kelly dressing up as the colorful and memorable witches, Glinda the Good Witch and The Wicked Witch of the West. As Glinda, Kelly wears her pretty blush pink floor length-neck collar of the Wicked Witchs dress. Her costume is accented with black plastic molded ballet slippers. The Wicked Witch of the West features short black curly hair under a floppy black witchs pointy hat in flock fabric, which certainly adds a dramatic and wicked look to her outfit. The closed-mouthed Kelly as the Wicked Witch is molded in a putty green color.
Kelly Dolls as Witches
The cutest birthday-themed Kelly Club 5 dolls ever! Kelly, Deidre, Kayla, Melody & Kerstie! Each of these adorable birthday themed small dolls makes perfect party favors for that special day. Includes birthday accessories like cake, presents, balloons, table & chairs and all of them wear a sweet paper hat.
Kelly Dolls Birthday Bunch
With Goldilocks and her adorable friend baby bear sitting in his high chair, things are just right! Third in the Storybook Favorite series.
Kelly Goldilocks and the Three Bears Giftset
The Kelly Nostalgic Favorites Giftset      features Kelly in re-creations of classic Barbie outfits and can be hung from the holiday tree to recall fond memories of holiday seasons past. The first giftset features four favorite nostalgic fashions: Bathing Suit #1, Solo in the Spotlight, Enchanted Evening, and Silken Flame. Bathing suit #1 features Kelly in the famous black and white bathing suit. Solo in the Spotlight features Kelly in a long black gown, accented with a red rose and flares of tulle at the bottom. Enchanted Evening Kelly wears the classic pink gown with attached white faux fur collar and white opera gloves. Silken Flame Kelly wears a dress with a white skirt, red bodice, and a golden belt at the waist. She has a red pillbox hat atop her dark brown Bubble Cut hairstyle.
Kelly Nostalgic Favorites Giftset
This nostalgic tribute to the wonderful days of the original Mickey and Minnie Mouse is inspired by their first cartoon movie, Steamboat Willie. Tommy doll wears Mickeys memorable attire of red pants and black tuxedo jacket with tails. Kelly doll as Minnie is adorable in her traditional red and white polka dot dress with white pantaloons. Painted with little mouse noses, both dolls wear mouse ears and mittens.
Minnie and Mickey Mouse Kelly and Tommy Giftset
Kelly doll and Tommy doll are absolutely  adorable as the beloved childhood favorites, Raggedy Ann and Andy. These dolls are a perfect pair, from the tops of their signature red yarn hair, to their charming outfits, to their red-and-white striped leggings and black shoes. Kelly as Raggedy Ann wears a royal blue pinafore and heart-print dress with ruffles at the neck and cuffs. Her red yarn hair forms a pretty red bow. Tommy as Raggedy Andy wears a one-piece jumper with a red-and-white checked shirt, blue pants and big bow tie. A jaunty blue-and-white cap tops his red yarn hair. Each doll even comes with its own miniature red chair!
Raggedy Ann and Andy Kelly and Tommy Giftset