Selma DuPar James Barbie Doll
Designer: Carlyle Nuera
Item# DYX76
Year: 2017
Collection: African American - Black Barbie Dolls

The bold Harlem Theatre Collection represents the courageous women of an era who paved the way for future generations to freely and creatively express themselves. During the Harlem Renaissance era, patrons of the arts like Madam Lavinia would often commission artists to showcase their latest work. Up-and-coming artist Selma DuPar James, was selected to hold her first solo exhibition in the Harlem Theatre salon. Her piece is a beautiful portrait of jazz singer Claudette. The third doll in the Harlem Theatre Collection, Selma DuPar James Barbie doll is powerfully creative and powerfully stylish. Designed by Carlyle Nuera

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