From our navigation bars on the top of any page you can select either Special Deals, Clearance Items, Scratch & Dent Items, Yard Sale or On Sale Barbie Dolls while supplies last! If you are a Magic Carpet Club VIP Member you can also purchase special sale items exclusive for VIP Members.

Important Disclaimer on Discounted Items: There are several different types of Discounted Barbie items available. Please read carefully and note that discounted items are a final sale and non-refundable.

CLEARANCE SALE ITEMS - New, never removed from original box, in excellent condition.These are dolls that we have only a few left in stock and decided to price at a discount to make room in our warehouse for new items. Once these dolls are sold out we will no longer carry them.

BUNDLED DEALS - New, never removed from original box, in excellent condition. These Dolls have been bundled together in a special package to offer you a discount on the purchase price for purchasing several items together. When purchasing a Doll Genie Special Deal you will also save on shipping costs.

RESERVE NEW DOLLS - New, never removed from original box, in excellent condition. You save money by placing a reservation for new dolls prior to their release date. A non-refundable reservation fee is required that we can apply to a final order if the doll is purchased.

SCRATCH and DENT ITEMS - The box is not perfect. When purchasing a Damaged Box Item, you are purchasing an item that's exterior box is damaged in some way and is discounted/priced accordingly. Scratch and Dent items consist of dolls that have never been removed from their original packaging. They are simply exactly what they say, damaged boxes. The dolls inside the box are in excellent condition, yet their exterior box was either damaged in shipment or in brand new condition, direct from the manufacturer, with a cosmetic packaging defect on the box only. Please note: Damaged Box items are not eligible for refunds, nor covered by any warranty.

SPECIAL SALE ITEMS - These items are not damaged. Special Sale Dolls are NRFB w/ the doll and box in good condition. Special Sale Dolls are listed at a reduced price for a limited time only or until supplies run out (whichever comes first).

MCC VIP EXCLUSIVE SALE ITEM - New, never removed from original box, in excellent condition. VIP Deals are exclusive discounted items available to Magic Carpet Club VIP Members only. Membership is free, join today!

YARD SALE ITEMS - Yard Sale Items are considered used, most do not come w/ box. You never know what you'll find in the Yard Sale. Items are usually one of a kind. They are considered used, rarely come with the original box and have either been used in a store display or gently played with. There are no refunds on Yard Sale Items.

DOLL GENIE GIFT CERTIFICATE - You can save money ordering dolls by redeeming Doll Genie Rewards Points for E-Gift Certificates. MCC VIP Members can accumulate Genie Rewards Points by playing our online games or receiving 10 points for every dollar spent. You can redeem your qualifying Genie Rewards Points for a Doll Genie E-Gift Certificate during the checkout process.