We are very selective when purchasing dolls for resale and the dolls must be in their original packaging, undamaged and unopened. The Barbie doll must never have been removed and exterior box in excellent condition. Before you submit a list, take into consideration that we do not pay retail prices for dolls - we are purchasing Barbie Dolls only resell to our customers and pricing is a huge factor in determining which collections we purchase. We do not purchase dolls that have been displayed. Price List must be included with the list provide or you will not receive a response from the purchasing department. At the present time, we are only seeking to purchase the types of Bob Mackie, Byron Lars and Silkstone Barbie Dolls.

How can I sell my Barbie Doll Collection to The Doll Genie?
Here are several tips and suggestions to follow prior to offering your Barbie Doll Collection for sale.

1. Make a list including the name and year of the Barbie Doll and include the condition of the box. We do not purchase any dolls that have previously been removed from their boxes. Describe the condition of the box and list any damage.   Example:  Coca Cola Cheerleader Barbie #28376 - no damage - asking $25.00 I Love Lucy Operetta Barbie #G8057 - crack in plastic - asking $15.00     

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2. Identify each Barbie Doll in your Collection - Each Barbie Doll box has the Mattel Logo on it. Either above or below the logo is the Mattel product identification number. Include this number in your list to expedite the    identification process by our purchasing department.

3. Include a picture of both the front and back of the Barbie Doll box (if possible)

4. Include the price of either each Barbie Doll or the price for the entire collection. E-mails without prices will not be reviewed. Please note we do not pay top retail prices for Barbie Dolls. If you are seeking to sell your collection for premium retail pricing we recommend going thru either Ebay or Craig's list.


5. If you do not already have a PayPal account, please set one up. All transactions and purchases of Barbie Doll Collections are done via PayPal to protect both parties. Here is a link to assist and begin the process of setting up a Paypal account.

6. Submit your list to our purchasing department at " purchasing@dollgenie.com " To save time for both parties, and with many other offers of Barbie Doll collections sent to us for sale, please give us as much information in your e-mail as possible. Any Barbie Doll offers submitted without all of the necessary, required information (Identification, Condition and Price Offer) will not be considered. Please make sure you include your name, day time telephone number and correct e-mail address    within your offer to sell your Barbie Doll Collection to the purchasing Department at THE DOLL GENIE.

7. Please allow up to 72 hours for a response from our Purchasing Department.