Doll Genie Reservation Service - (DGRS) is a service that not all websites provide and we are committed to working with consumers who demand a distinct, quality service when shopping online for new release items. We know you normally like to do your own research, but you dont have a lot of time. Of course! - This is where the Doll Genie Reservation Service comes in. With the fast-paced professional lifestyles of today, more and more people have limited time to dedicate to finding new released or limited edition dolls. Holding down a full-time job, raising children, traveling for business or maintaining a household doesn't seem to leave enough hours in the day to get everything done, including shopping. That's why many people are now opting for our doll reservation service.

New released items that we can order directly from Mattel or One World Doll Project (OWDP) will be sold to our DGRS customers first. Then, we post the unsold new items live online as an in stock item. There are often new announced dolls that are exclusive to specific stores or international locations that we cannot order directly from Mattel. Those exclusive new dolls will be purchased through our secondary sources and posted reasonably priced as an in stock item when they arrive in our warehouse. Special Exclusive Limited Edition dolls will not be available through our Doll Genie Reservation Services. There is a Non-Refundable Reservation Fee for each reservation. Doll Genie Magic Carpet Club VIP Members are charged a VIP Club Member $10 Reservation Fee and non-members pay a Non-Member $20 Reservation Fee. You can register for our MCC VIP Club at any time - it's FREE to join our club. We will contact you when your reservation is available and at that time you have the freedom to either place an order or decline the opportunity and proceed to purchase the item on your own from that point forward. If Mattel does not ship the dolls we originally ordered, your reservation will be cancelled and a refund will be issued.

We make a promise to:

Our favorite part about helping people reserve a new released collectible item is that we can order direct from the manufacturer, and hear the excitement in their voices knowing they will finally get a hard to find doll. It just melts our hearts and makes us very proud of providing this service. You always have the option of not using our doll reservation service and waiting until the doll is posted in stock on our web site. Knowing the feeling of appreciation from our customers with our services thru telephone calls, e-mails, blog, facebook or twitter posts is priceless!

My address changed since I paid for DGRS, what do I do? It is the responsibility of the customer to notify us of any change in their address, phone number, or credit card information.  In the event that we are unable to contact you (due to inaccurate information provided), it may result in you not getting the item you reserved. Please make sure your information is current and accurate when paying for the Doll Genie Reservation Service. Just contact us at 352-503-7574 (monday thru friday, 9am-6pm est - excluding holidays) to inform us of any changes or send an e-mail to with all of the information you need to update.

Why does the item I got look different from the picture I saw on the Doll Genie website? From the initial posting of information about any new doll, we will post updated information and images when available until the time of final sale. We cannot be responsible for small changes in any design on a new-release doll or its fashion and accessories. The initial images we get from Mattel or One World Doll Project are proto-types, and until the new release item has been shipped to the Doll Genie, we don't know the true image, colors, prices or shipping dates.