If you have not yet logged in, please click the LOG IN BUTTON above so you can start earning your Genie Rewards Points - or - CLICK HERE to join the Magic Carpet Club, become a VIP Member and start earning Genie Rewards today! We designed our Genie Rewards Program around a simple concept, to make your online shopping experience for Barbie Dolls a pleasure. Whether you are earning your reward points while shopping or winning points while playing games, nothing should come between you and your favorite Barbie Doll.
NOTE: You must be registered and be logged into the Magic Carpet Club to accumulate and use Genie Reward points.
What is the Genie Rewards Program? Genie Rewards is an incentive based reward program that lets MCC VIP Members earn points in multiple ways and pool them in a single account so you can get the rewards you want faster. The more you shop, the more you earn. MCC VIP Members are limited to participate in only one Genie Rewards Program.
What are Genie Rewards Points? Genie Rewards Points are either earned while shopping, won while playing MCC VIP Games or as a bonus through a Doll Genie Promotional Sale and they are deposited into the each MCC VIP Member's account after the online order is paid for and processed, or as points are won while playing online VIP games. The actual number of Genie Rewards Points earned is calculated after the entire checkout process is completed and is based on the final dollar amount paid for merchandise in the order not including any shipping or taxes. Genie Rewards Points are saved in your account until you have enough points accumulated to automatically redeem them for a Doll Genie Gift Certificate. You receive an e-mail when an active Doll Genie Gift Certificate has been issued. Each Doll Genie Gift Certificate will expire exactly one year from the date it was issued. Please check your VIP Account frequently so you use your Gift Certificates before they expire. Remember, Doll Genie MCC VIP Gift Certificates expire in ONE YEAR.
Convert your Rewards Points into a Doll Genie Gift Certificate

Make sure you are logged in and your Rewards Points total will be at the top of any page. If you have enough points accumulated they will be converted into a Gift Certificate and any available gift Certificates will show up under your Reward Points total at the top of any page. Gift Certificate can be added to the order ini you shopping cart at checkout Step 3. Only one Gift Certificate can be used per order.
Redeeming Points - Genie Rewards Points are automatically converted into a Doll Genie Gift Certificate to be used toward any purchase at The Doll Genie when enough points have accumulated in your account. A $10.00 Doll Genie Gift Certificate is automatically issued when you reach 10,000 Reward Points that will expire one year from the date of issue.
Does everyone get Genie Rewards Points? Genie Rewards Points can only be earned by MCC VIP Members and the E-mail Address and MCC VIP # must match the information on file for that account. You must be logged into the VIP Club to earn or claim your Genie Rewards at checkout.
Bonus Genie Rewards Points- As you play our online MCC VIP Games any Bonus Points you win while playing the Monthly Games are immediately deposited into your MCC VIP Account. No Purchase is necessary to get Genie Bonus Rewards Points. Any other prizes that you win can be applied to your shopping cart any time throughout the month.
Transfers - Points may not be transferred from one account to another or from one order to another. Once rewards are redeemed for a Doll Genie Gift Certificate, they're removed from the account database and not transferable.
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Your Points won't expire! Whether you're planning to add to your Barbie Collection next week, next month or next year. No need to worry, you earned your Reward Points. There is no expiration date and your Genie Rewards Points will continue to remain active and valid as long as your MCC VIP Member account is active. Only Doll Genie Gift Certificates have an expiration date of ONE YEAR from the date of issue. If a Member's account becomes inactive, all points, gift certificates and Promotional Rewards in the account will be forfeited, leaving a zero balance in the MCC VIP Members account.
Earn Points for every dollar you spend and Win Points Playing MCC VIP Games Get 10 points for every dollar you spend excluding shipping fees. No points are rewarded until the transaction is complete
Here is a example: If you purchased one Barbie doll @ $29.95 and one Barbie Playset @ $49.95 your merchandise total is $79.90 you earned 799 Genie Rewards Points not including taxes or shipping. When your order is paid, your earned Genie Rewards will be transferred to your MCC VIP Account

DOLL GENIE BONUS REWARDS CHART - These Bonus Points can be found either Playing the MCC VIP Games and winning a Bronze, Silver or Gold Bonus
BRONZE 100 Points SILVER 250 Points GOLD 500 Points

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