Listed below are details that will assist you in navigating through the Doll Genie Web Site.
We hope to explain what the different buttons are for and how to get around easier.

HOME - Anytime you see a button that says "HOME", when you click it on, you will be transferred to the main Doll Genie Home Page.

Doll Genie "Drop Down Searches"

When you see these search tools in the page header, if you click on the little down pointing arrow (as an example...) next to "View By Collection" a drop down menu will show up offering you selections for a variety of Barbie Dolls grouped within a specific collection. You can click on any collection and be transferred to a page with Barbie Dolls in that collections. When you click on to "View by Year" you can select a specific YEAR and you will be transferred to a page with all Barbie Dolls for that year. When you click on "View by Series" you can click on any Barbie Doll Series you're taken to a page with those types of dolls.

Search Tool - This is called a Keyword Search Tool. From any page, you can type into the white space either a Barbie Doll Name, an Item Number or anything you'd like to find and then click on the "SEARCH" button. You will then be taken to a page with available items that either match or are close to matching your search words. If you limit the words, you will get better results.

Basic Member Information - Once you are logged into the Magic Carpet Club, you will notice at the top of the page, your name, Genie Rewards Point Balance, a link to your account and how many items you currently have in your Doll Genie Shopping Cart are listed. When you are ready to "Log Out" just click on the words "Log Out" on the top left of the page and your personal information will close.

Logging In to the VIP Club     Always click the "LOG IN" button if you've just come online and need to LOG IN to the Doll Genie Magic Carpet Club so you can earn bonus tickets, discounts and access the Barbie Message Board & Blog. Certain areas of The Doll Genie are restricted for LOG IN use only. No rewards points, contest tickets or blog entries will post unless you are logged in first.

Join the MCC VIP Club - Our Barbie Club is FREE... yes, you read that right... FREE! Come Join us and have fun!

What's on Sale? - This is a welcome page into our Barbie Doll Outlet where you will find descriptions of the types of discounts we offer for either clearance, scratch & dent and sale items

Barbie Blog & News Board - Everyone is welcome to view our Blog & News Board where we post Collectible Doll or Doll Genie related topics. We also have a few fun blogs where you can learn some great craft projects and fun food ideas for children of all ages. We also have a special blog for our resident Elf names SLY McELFSTER. He's always getting into some kind of mischief.

Barbie Contest Rules - We have a few rules for our Free Barbie Doll Contest provided on this page for your review.

Barbie Designers - Have you ever wondered who is behind the creation of the Barbie Dolls you love collecting? We've created this page with their photo and small bio in hopes of answering some of those questions for you

Barbie Dioramas - This page was created to share photos of Barbie Collectors Dolls and Dioramas. It's truely amazing how creative people are and what they do to the furniture and accessories we always see as just another "pink" item. MCC VIP Membership is required to view these pictures

Barbie Doll Directory - This is a convenient guide and directory and list of all Barbie Dolls we currently have available in stock listed by year that link to Barbie Doll profile pages where you can get more details and pricing for that Barbie Doll. This list is updated as new inventory arrives.

Special Sale - Doll Genie Special Sale listings are Barbie Dolls that we have placed on sale at a special price for a limited time or in limited quantities until supplies run out (whichever comes first). On Sale items are not damaged & Special Sale Barbie Dolls have never been removed from their box

Barbie Family Tree - When you have a few extra minutes, you should check out Barbie Family Tree. Its full of pictures of Barbie and her family and friends from 1959. It brings back great memories!

Site Info - If you need some help figuring out what all the buttons mean and how to navigate our web site, we've created this page to help simplify things for you.

Barbie Photo Album - This page was created to share photos of Barbie Collectors Dolls.  It's truly amazing how creative people are that design OOAK (one of a kind) Barbie Dolls. MCC VIP Membership is required to view these pictures

Barbie Videos - We've gathered videos to bring to life all different aspects of Barbie Doll collecting. This area requires MCC VIP membership and is well worth your time. You can click on the video to view it in a larger screen and make sure you give a few seconds to load.

Clearance Sale - Doll Genie Clearance listings are Barbie Dolls that we have only a few left in stock and decided to price at a discount to make room in our warehouse for new items. Once these dolls are sold out we will no longer have them available.

Click & "LIKE" us on Facebook - Come Join Us and LIKE US on Facebook and get the latest updates on what's happening in the world of Barbie Dolls. Tell your friends about us too. We often give Free Genie Rewards Points for Facebook Referrals.

Contact Customer Support - We're always available via e-mail with any questions you have about something you have already ordered or are interested in ordering or if you need any help searching for Barbie Dolls

Doll Genie Gift Certificates - Available April 12, 2015 - Doll Genie Gift Certificates can be purchase either for yourself or someone else. These are all processed online and can be used toward any Doll Genie purchase. Once you receive your Gift Certificate Code, enter that in your shopping cart at checkout. You can also redeem your accumulated Doll Genie Rewards Points for Doll Genie Gift Certificates!

Doll Reservation Service - When a new doll is announced to be released soon and we are able able to place orders for these new dolls directly with the manufacturer, we have a Doll Reservation Service so you can reserve the doll in advance of it being shipped to us. A small non-refundable fee is required to reserve this new item - with no obligation to purchase it when it arrives at our warehouse. We place all customers that paid a Reservation Fee on a "High Priority List", notify them when the doll is available and allow them to purchase it before it is offered to the general public. High Priority Customers will receive a courtesy discount if they place an order for the new item within 48 hours of being notified of its availability.

Doll Genie Bundled Deals - Doll Genie Special Deal listings are Dolls that have been bundled together to offer you a discount on the purchase price for purchasing several items together. By purchasing a DG Special Deal you will also save on shipping costs

Enter Barbie Contest - Enter our Monthly Barbie Doll Contest - you can enter daily PLUS find extra Bonus Tickets for the contest while surfing our web site. No purchase is required to enter the Barbie Contest - you can enter daily PLUS find extra Bonus Tickets for the contest while surfing our web site. No purchase is required to enter - You must Register for the Magic Carpet Club to participate in our Monthly Barbie Doll Contest. There is no cost to become a MCC VIP Member.

Forgot Password? Can't Log In? - If you are having any trouble logging in, you can click on the link provided for you to reset your password, you can send us an e-mail about the problem or contact us at 352-503-7574

Frequently Asked Questions " FAQ" - If you have questions about shipping policies, purchasing or selling Barbie Dolls, international restrictions or return policies you might find your answers here. You always have the option of contacting The Doll Genie via phone or e-mail for more help

Magic Carpet Club - aka-  MCC VIP Club - The Doll Genie created a special "VIP" Club for people who frequently visit our web site and are looking for some interesting ways of earning rewards points that can be redeemed for online E-Gift Certificates. Visit our Magic Carpet Club, follow our Barbie Message Board & Blog, Play Games, Win Prizes, Earn Bonus Tickets for Contests and Special VIP Discounts exclusive to MCC VIP Members Only and so much more. It's like a Magic Carpet Ride through the world of Barbie Dolls. MCC VIP Members receive discounts on Reserved New release Barbie Dolls

MiniPaks - There are often items that are small or very lightweight and Doll Genie has created a "MiniPak" feature for your convenience when placing orders for these types of items. Any time you see the "eligible MiniPak" add to cart button with an item you are interested in purchasing, that item is eligible for special shipping rate within the United States only. If you order 3 (three) MiniPak items they will be shipped via USPS in a small priority box or envelope at the rate of $5.95 + $2.50 for signature confirmation (Total $8.45 for 3 items). Insurance is not required on MiniPaks. If you add a MiniPak to an order with other items, regular shipping fees will apply based on weight, destination and dimensions

look for this button

Monster High Doll Directory - This is a convenient guide, directory and list of all Monster Dolls and the Series of the Monster High Collection of that doll. This Directory is updated daily with new inventory.

My Account - You will be able to view your Doll Genie Account, track orders, review Rewards Points, check on Contest Tickets, Add an Avatar and update your profile when you click on this button.

Play Active VIP Games - You must be a MCC VIP Member to play the games and win prizes. You can play each game once per month and save your prizes to apply to your next order. If you do not redeem your winnings they will expire on the last day of the month.

Play "Guess Who" Game - This is a DAILY Game that challenges your knowledge of Barbie Dolls. You will see a Barbie Image and if you "GUESS WHO" she is, you win 100 Genie Rewards Points for the day.

Rewards Points - This page will give you all of the information you need to know about Doll Genie Rewards Points, how to earn points or win points, types of points available and how to redeem them.

Scratch & Dent Sale - Doll Genie Scratch & Dent/Damaged Box listings consist of Barbie Dolls that have never been removed from their original packaging. They are simply exactly what they say, damaged boxes. The actual dolls inside the box are in excellent condition, yet their box is not perfect

Selling Your Barbie Doll's - We often purchase Barbie Doll collections to replenish items that have sold out. We offer VIP Members an easy to use form to submit your collection to us for sale. Our purchasing department responds to your information within 72 hours.

Shopping Cart - When you decide to purchase something from The Doll Genie web site, if you see a button that says "ADD TO CART" that means the item is in stock and available for purchase. We keep a live inventory online that is updated when dolls are sold or new dolls come into the warehouse. If you click on the "Add to Cart" button, you will first be taken to a page to make sure the ship to information is correct, once you verify that information you will proceed to the next page to view your cart items. Shipping fees are calculated during the checkout process based on the weight, dimensions and destination of the package. Try to avoid using the "back" button when you have items in the shopping cart. You can always add to or remove items at any time. Using the "Continue Shopping" button will make it easier. If you ever have problems or questions about your shopping cart, please cal us at 352-503-7574

Terms of Service - As does every company, The Doll Genie has "Terms of Service" that are explained to protect both of us during any online sales transaction. You always need to approve of our Terms of Service before you can complete any purchase.

VIP Doll Alerts - This feature is available to only MCC VIP Members as a courtesy "alert" for people who prefer to wait for an item to go on sale. You will receive an e-mail notifying you that the item you listed is now on sale and a link to click to view and or purchase the doll. Please take note that when an item goes on sale, they are sold on a first ordered first sold basis.

VIP Game Information - This page provides information on the MCC VIP Games

Wish List - Magic Carpet Club Members can add out of stock Barbie Dolls onto a Wish List and when they become available, you will receive an e-mail and link to order that doll or remove it from your list

Yard Sale Barbie Items - Several times a year, we have a Yard Sale Online. We've created a special web page with one of a kind listings that are available only during those times. All Yard Sale items are discounted for quick sale. Most of the items are considered "used" - some might be new but missing a box, some from store displays, some things came from the purchase of an Estate, so we bundled them for the OOAK collectors or for some precious child to enjoy. You never know what you'll find! We will announce upcoming Doll Genie Yard Sales via E-mail Newsletter and via Social Media

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