Check out this adorable 1972 Suprise Barbie Commercial
Great review of the 2016 Andy Warhol Campbells Barbie Doll DNK04 by Mike 'n Elio
Mike and Elio review the new ‪Queen of the Dark Forest Barbie ‎Doll‬ from the Faraway Forest Collection. She is a great addition to any doll collection. We love her accessories, but her shoes are too much for this doll as you can't see the shoes unless you lift up her outfit. The fabric is soft and a welcoming change.
Here is an adorable video of the STYLE Barbie dolls, animated to show how versatile they really are. Don\'t you just love articulated Barbie Dolls?
Mutya Barbie Doll by Carlyle Nuera - She wears a long gown under a sheer overdress printed with a tribal motif and a sun icon from the Philippine flag. Further embellished with an embroidered floral design of the Philippines national flower, the sampaguita, the overdress is a lovely tribute. Accessories include golden-tone earrings, necklace, bracelet and a golden lace fabric fan.
Meet the new Prettie Girls,therndesigner Stacey McBride-Irby andrnFounder Trent T. Daniel...rnEnjoy the video... Prettie Girls are now available at The Doll Genie
Holiday Barbie Dolls coming to the Doll Genie, make your reservations for these dolls early!
We\'re so Blessed to have been selected to distribute the OWD Prettie Girls Cynthia Bailey Signature Collectible Doll. Thank you Cynthia Bailey for welcoming the Doll Genie to your Team! This doll is on the path to sell out, make sure you place your orders early - they will ship in late December 2013
Thank You Stacey McBride-Irby for your personal welcome!rnThe Prettie Girls are now selling at The Doll Genie and we\'re very excited to be a part of the One World Doll Project Team
Linda Kyaw interview about the Global Glamour ‪‎Barbie‬ Doll Collection
Mike and Elio review the Global Glamour 2013 Tribal Beauty Barbie Doll
Prettie Girls Dream Academy 2014 Prom Queen Ceremony
2014 Birthday Wishes Barbie Doll #BCP64 Review by Mike N\'Elio
Herv Lger by Max Azria Barbie Doll #X8249 Review by Mike N\'Elio
Queen of the Constellations Barbie Doll #X8264 Review by Mike N\'Elio
Princess of the Pacific Islands Barbie Doll #G8056 Review by Mike N\'Elio
Divergent - Four Barbie Doll #BCP70 Review by Mike N\'Elio
Divergent - Tris Barbie Doll #BCP69 Review by Mike N\'Elio
Bob Mackie Princess Stargazer Barbie Doll #X8281 Review by Mike N\'Elio
The Wizard of Oz Fantasy Glamour Dorothy Barbie Doll # Y3355 Review by Mike N\' Elio
Glamour Wicked Witch of the West Barbie Doll #BCR04 Review by Mike N\'Elio
Zuhair Murad Barbie Doll Review by Mike N\'Elio
Here is a lovely video of the 2014 Silkstone Fiorella Silkstone Barbie Doll ... enjoy
It\'s the EVER AFTER HIGH DOLLS review from the NY Toy Fair 2014
Here is a live review of the 2014 Monster High Dolls on display at the NY Toy Fair
Sports Illustrated 50th Anniversary Barbie Video Shoot 2014
A beautiful video of a Barbie Wedding
Here is a really silly, cute, fun video with the music - Call me Maybe
Beautiful music video of 2013 Silkstone Barbie Dolls
Learn who and what was behind the design of Monster High Dolls
This video features memorable moments of the royal couple, plus the William and Catherine Royal Wedding Barbie and Ken Giftset on their wedding day!
The History of the Barbie Doll - Ruth and Elliot Handler
The FIRST ever Barbie Doll Commercial
Learn How Barbie Encourages girls to follow their dreams. Watch this interview Stephanie Cota SVP Barbie Marketing, Mattel
Barbie through the years.
Watch how Barbie has evolved over the past 50 years, staying in step with the latest fashion trends since 1959
Get a behind the scenes look at how Mad Men and Barbie teamed up to create 4 extraordinary Barbie and Ken dolls. Includes interviews with doll designer Robert Best and Mad Men costume designer Janie Bryant.
Principal Barbie designer, Robert Best, talks about creating the signature style of Barbie
Meet Robert Best at his 10 Year Anniversary Surprise Party. He has designed many of your favorites in the high end Barbie Fashion Model Silkstone Collection for Mattel
We would like you to meet Bill Greening, a Mattel Barbie Doll Designer
Go Behind the scene as Heidi Klum Gets All Doll'd Up. The Making Of The Heidi Klum Barbie Doll
Meet the designer of the So In Syle Dolls, Stacey McBride Smart, talented and stylish too, the big sister dolls are best friends that love to share their favorite activities with their 'little sisters' too! Part One
Meet the designer of the So In Syle Dolls, Stacey McBride Smart, talented and stylish too, the big sister dolls are best friends that love to share their favorite activities with their 'little sisters' too! Part Two

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