Soda Fountain Sweetheart Barbie Doll
Item# 15762
Year: 1996
Collection: Pop Culture Barbie Dolls
Series: Coca Cola Barbie Dolls

There are two American symbols, together bringing the past to life. Meet Soda Fountain Sweetheart Barbie doll, the premier doll in the nostalgic COCA-COLA Fashion Classic Series. For years, the COCA-COLA Ladies were the worlds most glamorous advertising symbols. From calendars to magazines to serving trays, their image was everywhere, depicting fashionable women of the times. Now Barbie adds her own timeless glamour and beautiful smile to those legendary ads as she brings the COCA-COLA Ladies to life. Lovingly created from a 1907 ad, every detail brings back those nostalgic days. Even the COCA-COLA glass and holder she carries is authentic to the times. Barbie and COCA-COLA, two American originals together for the first time.

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