Frankie Stein Monster High Classrooms
Item# W4139
Year: 2011
Collection: Monster High Dolls
Series: Monster High Classroom

Monster High Classrooms Frankie Stein DollrnAge: I'm 15. . . Days that is. rnMonster Parent: Frankenstein and his bride rnKiller Style: Scary cute clothes that are absolutely to die for. rnFreaky Flaw: My stitches come loose at the worst possible moments.rnPet: WatzitrnFavorite Activity: Since I'm only 15 days old I don't really have a favorite yet!rnBiggest Pet Peeve: my father insists on grinning and shouting "It's alive!" rnFav School Subject: HistoryrnLeast Fav School Subject: Swimming. I tend to short out and say silly things when I get wet. rnFavorite Color: Black and white stripes. rnFavorite Food: Because I'm only 15 days old, everything I've tried so far is the best thing ever! rnBFF's: Draculaura & Clawdeen Wolf.

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