Great Eras French Lady Barbie
Item# 16707
Year: 1997
Collection: Designer Barbie Dolls

Behold the exquisite French Lady Barbie doll in a gown that was all the rage in Napoleons court. Its empire styling mimics the elongated elegance of a classical Greek column; its predominant color is French blue, a color much favored by royalty in France. The underskirt is dotted with golden fleurs-de-lis, a long-lived symbol of French royalty. French Lady Barbie, from the Great Eras Collection, has hair gathered into a golden mesh headpiece and her lovely face is trimmed in tiny chestnut curls. Her skin is fair, her eyelashes rooted, while her faux turquoise jewelry complements the French blue of her gown. She truly captures the magnificence of the great Napoleonic Age.

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