Hunger Games PEETA Catching Fire
Designer: Bill Greening
Item# Y3356
Year: 2013
Collection: Pop Culture Barbie Dolls
Series: Hunger Games Barbie Dolls

This image is from the Hunger Games Catching Fire Movie Promo material and was modified to include the name and product code number of the Mattel doll. We do not know exactly what this doll will look like. The always-loyal Peeta, played by Josh Hutcherson, returns in Catching Fire to protect partner Katniss and help her win the 75th Annual Hunger Games. Inspired by the outfits worn by Tributes at the start of the competition, Peeta wears a futuristic body suit with knee pads, elbow guards and short boots. A golden locket, featured in a pivotal scene in the film, hangs from his neck.

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