Holly & Poppy OHair Ever After Dolls
Item# BJH20
Year: 2014

Twin sisters and daughters of Rapunzel, Holly O'Hair and Poppy O'Hair may be the best of friends forever after, but this Royal-Rebel pair is choosing different Happily Ever Afters!rnBoth girls know how to spellebrate fashion with spellbinding outfits and enchanting accessoriesrnHolly O'Hair, destined for her mother's fate, looks royally charming in a metallic outfit, towering heels and a holly flower crownrnPoppy O'Hair, a fabulous hairstylist without a prewritten story, is razor-sharp in a scissor print with laced pleather pants and scissor-heeled shoesrnThe two dolls come with two doll hairbrushes, two doll stands and two story bookmarks that tell their unique character stories.

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