Hula Honey Barbie Pin Up Girl
Designer: Anna Choi
Item# J0951
Year: 2006
Collection: Pop Culture Barbie Dolls
Series: Barbie Pin Up Girls

The sweet, sultry girls of the golden age of pinups are the inspiration for the Pin-Up Girls Collection. Beautifully illustrated images depict all-American sweethearts in alluring costumes and familiar settings. Now, the pleasing Polynesian islands of Hawaii inspire a unique reinterpretation of the glorious pinup. Barbie doll designer Anna Choi continues her tribute to this whimsical art form with Hula Honey Barbie doll. This lovely wahine wears an alluring vintage-inspired bathing suit; a second, kitschy ensemble includes faux grass skirt and faux coconut shell bra. Ukulele and faux flower leis complete the tropical dream ensemble. Aloha nui lao!

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