I Love Lucy AUDITION Barbie Doll
Item# L8808
Year: 2007
Collection: Celebrity Barbie Dolls
Series: I Love Lucy Barbie Dolls

I Love Lucy has captured the hearts of television viewers since its very first episode in 1951. The Audition, which was the hilarious sixth episode of the premier season, was the first time in the series that Lucy Ricardo was shown trying to get into one of bandleader hubby Rickys acts a plotline that became a recurring and perpetually entertaining aspect of I Love Lucys history. In this episode, despite Rickys numerous attempts at keeping her out of the spotlight, Lucy finds a way to step in for an injured Buffo the Clown. Through a series of jokes, quips and brilliant physical comedy, Lucy steals the hearts of the talent scouts in the audience, who ignore Rickys talent and offer Lucy a contract instead!

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