Corvette Barbie Doll - Yellow
Designer: Linda Kyaw
Item# N4984
Year: 2009
Collection: Barbie Sports Collection
Series: Barbie by Linda Kyaw

American Favorites Series - Yellow Corvette Barbie doll commemorates 55 years of Corvette excellence! This striking doll features classic Vette imagery and is part of the American Favorites Collection, celebrating beloved brands. Join the Corvette Barbie doll treasure hunt! Find your favorite, available dressed in radiant yellow, classic red, or hot Star Vette pink inspired by Barbie dolls fabulous sports car from the 1980s! But the real adventure is in completing your collection. The three dolls will appear randomly at your retailer red most often, pink most rarely, and yellow in between. You may have to make a number of pit stops to find them all! Good luck in your race to the treasure hunt finish line! Designed by Linda Kyaw

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