Varsity Dance KEN Doll Giftset
Designer: Bill Greening
Item# T7668
Year: 2011
Collection: Ken Doll Collection
Series: My Favorite Barbie Dolls

In celebration of Ken dolls 50th anniversary, this reproduction of the 1961 original Ken doll features his famous red bathing suit. 1961 saw the first-ever Ken doll. The first package declared him Barbies boyfriend. At 12 inches tall, his flocked hair was available in blonde, dark brunette, and in the rare brownette, which was sold as a store exclusive. This reproduction version has brunette hair, and features Ken wearing red swim trunks, flip flops, and a yellow towel. Always ready to whisk Barbie away on a date, Ken comes with a reproduction fashion, 1964s Victory Dance #1411 from the 1400 series of fashions. Included in the package are reproductions of the popular Varsity Dance fashion with a fitted navy blue blazer with fraternity crest, white sports pants, Oxford shirt, tie, socks and shoes. Three collector cards from 1964 and a reproduction booklet complete this handsome giftset. Designed by Bill Greening

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