Vincent Van Gogh Barbie
Designer: Linda Kyaw
Item# V0445
Year: 2011
Collection: Designer Barbie Dolls
Series: Artist - Museum Barbie

This Barbie Doll Inspired by Vincent van Gogh: Considered Vincent van Goghs masterpiece, The Starry Night depicts the swirling heavens above the French village of Saint Remy and was painted in the last year of his life. An amazing fusion of fashion and fine art, the Museum Collection dolls are a feast for the eyes! Vincent van Gogh Barbie doll captures the mood of the magnificent masterpiece, The Starry Night. She wears a strapless cocktail dress with a Cypress tree accent in black flock fabric, and the swirling patterns of the painting are echoed in her circular earrings, molded metallic sandals, and wavy hair. Both in and out of her packaging, shes the picture of perfection! Van Goghs Impressionist brush strokes are represented with Barbie dolls wavy hair and the print on her strapless cocktail dress, which also has a black velveteen Cypress tree accent. Designed by Linda Kyaw

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