Russia Darya Barbie Doll
Designer: Robert Best
Item# T7675
Year: 2011
Collection: Barbie Fashion Model Collection
Series: Silkstone Barbie Dolls

Nostrovia, comrades: a toast to the opulent glamour of Moscow. Fit for a czarina, this dress of golden embroidery and brilliant red is never square, but daringly romantic. This fashion front demands regal luxury and classic chic. Elegant, decadent, and oh so alluring, Darya Barbie doll knows how to turn heads. Wearing a dress of golden embroidery and brilliant red fit for a czarina, this fashion icon epitomizes regal luxury and classic chic. Dramatic eyes with a hint of sparkle, dazzling jewels, and the perfect pout in deep red make this Russian beauty absolutely unforgettable. Designed by Robert Best - less than 5,400 worldwide

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