Lucy Gets a Paris Gown Barbie
Item# B0313
Year: 2003
Collection: Celebrity Barbie Dolls
Series: I Love Lucy Barbie Dolls

Episode 147, Lucy Gets a Paris Gown, originally aired on March 19, 1956. The Ricardos and the Mertzes are thrilled to be in Paris. As a special treat for Lucy and Ethel, Ricky snags coveted tickets for a Jacques Marcel fashion show. Of course, after seeing the designers clothes, Lucy vows that she will have a Jacques Marcel dress. When pleading fails, Lucy goes on a hunger strike. Ricky breaks down and buys the dress, but then discovers that Ethel is sneaking food to Lucy. As revenge, Ricky and Fred design potato sack dresses, complete with Jacques Marcel labels and a horse?s feedbag hat for Lucy. The French designer sees the women wearing the dresses at a cafe and Ricky confesses. In a hilarious final twist, Jacques Marcel steals the designs after Lucy and Ethel destroyed their originals!

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